Chapter 1:Finally HomeEdit

Ezimba (7)

on the cover

Yay!I can hardly believe it!I am finally going home.

I had just figured out I'm a princess of the Water Elements.This is just unforgettable!

"Come on Marina"says Oak."We need to swim.".Before he could finish i was already in the water.

A started to swim towards the palace.It was hidden but I could just tell where it was.

I finally dove into the tunnel that led to the inside of the above water palace.Just one more push.

I climbed out and stared at all of the Water people.

Home at last!

Chapter 2:Queen CoralEdit

A pretty water element strolled out one of the rooms.She rushed towards me.

"My baby!I knew you were out there alive and looking for home.You safe now".Queen Coral said.I am wanted somwhere.And now I am where I should be.

"Oh mother i didn't think you would be this wonderful".I said."But know I know your perfect.".

She patted my head."What's your name,dear.".

I stood up proudly."My name's Marina.".

She smiled."Oh what a pretty name.It matches you."

.I smiled.This was great.More then just great.

It was wonderful.

Chapter 3:PearlEdit

Then there was a little girl behind my mother.

" Oh who is that?"I said.

"Oh that's your little sister,Pearl".replied Queen Coral.

" I have a little sister?"I exclaimed.

"Yes dear you do" Queen Coral said.

'Want to play"I asked Pearl.

"Ok"she said shyly.

We went over to Oak and Arden and played hind and go seek.

So we played happly for the rest of the day.

Chapter 4:The Big Bad SharkEdit

Wile we were playing hide and seek I went to a place where I never been.

It was really a strange.

I got really scared,so I was trying to run away.

But soon enough someone cought me.

It was my uncle,Shark.

He was really mean and powerful.

But he was always jealous of my mother,because he wanted to win the throne.

He grabbed me and said,"Your mine now!".

Chapter 5:Out of Shark CaveEdit

I was trying to get out of  Uncle Shark's dungon,but I couldent.

There were sharks allover the place guarding.

Suddenly I saw Oak and Arden.

They came to help get out of the dungon.

"Finally I'am out of the dungon"I said.

When I got home my mother was really worried,also she was crying.

Then she told me about Uncle Shark.

Now I had something new to deal with.